EPM Undefined Index

FreePBX; EPM 14.09
Whenever I save changes in BaseFile Edit in the EPM, I get a big red-orange popup:

Can I fix this, or do I need to submit a bug report or ask for support?
(The last 2 or 3 times I created a bug report on different things it was closed and I was told to ask for support instead. It takes time to make the bug report only to be told you have to do it again.:disappointed_relieved:) Here is another one for a similar issue)

I’m going to open the support ticket, but I’m just asking here to see if anyone else has seen this.

Endpoint Manager is a commercial module. Commercial modules need to go through support.

I don’t know of a fix, but a workaround would be to save (instead of save and rebuild) then go to the temple save and rebuild from there.

i do remember seeing something about this a while ago, but I thought it was fixed in the --edge version of EPM. Of course, it was long enough ago that I’d expect it to be out of QA and in the main trunk. I’d submit a ticket and see what they say. Like @PitzKey said, it’s a commercial module, so unless it’s something procedural in the way you’re doing something, there’s not a lot us chickens can do to help anyone with that.

Hi @BGM Latest edge release is 14.0.23 so please download latest edge release of epm by using below command “fwconsole ma downloadinstall --edge”

Your error means you have expansion module configuration present in your template with buttons whose “type” like BLF etc not defined so please check your expansion module configuration again.

If you are unable to resolve your issue then Please open a commercial support ticket here!.


Ah - in fact, I do! I didn’t realize it would cause a problem, though. Normally, if there is an error like that, the system tells me I forgot something or left something blank that can’t be blank.

Anyway, there was one template where I had set BLF-XFER and I changed them to blank (unconfigured).
So, now I have BEMs that are either completely configured, completely blank, or partially configured with the rest of the entries completely blank.

Fixing the BEM did not clear the issue, though.

I went through the phone models and made sure they didn’t have unconfigured BLF buttons, as well.

I only have 4 templates for my polycom phones and 1 for a Cisco Digital-to-Analog adapter.
Now I can confirm that there are no unconfigured BLF or speeddial buttons. They are either configured or completely blank. And I’ve done this for both BEMs and for the phones in each template.

Still, when I “Save, Rebuild Configs and Update Phones” or " Save and Rebuild Configs", I get the error when I try to save the Basefile Edit. I do not get the error when I simpy “Save”

However, I don’t have the error now on all the templates when I go to edit the basefile. I only get the error now on the basefile of a template where no BEM is configured.

(and I have placed a support ticket, but they are slow)

Actually, I think it works now! After I adjusted the templates, I had to SAVE it first. Then I could run Save, Update and Restart phones - and it worked!

Thank you very much, Kupta - you solved my issue (and before commercial support!)!

Hi @BGM glad to know your issue has been resolved. thanks

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