EPM Template: VLAN Setting for Grandstream GXP21XX?

I have a Grandstream GXP21XX template setup in EPM. Unless I’ve missed it, there doesn’t appear to be a way to set the VLAN Tag value in the template. I’ve also had a look at the Basefile Template and parameter P51 (Layer 2 QoS. 802.1Q/VLAN Tag (VLAN classification for RTP)) is missing from the base file. Can I manually add this to the base file (and if so, how) or am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks – Steve

Just add any missing values to the basefile. We added P51 Vlan tag to our GXP2130 and GXP2160, along with several other P values that we needed.
Use the basefile edit function to add them. We then duplicate the template for the various templates we require.
The only minor gotcha is if you update EPM and the new version includes a P value that you’ve added and was missing in the previous EPM templates then the new default value will override your setting, that’s caught us out a few times.
I now always generate a template for a phone before updating EPM, take a copy of the template file, then update and regenerate the same template file. You can then compare the two templates to see what if anything has changed/been added. The Linux command diff is useful for this.

Good to know–thanks. I’m also looking to do multicast paging on the 2130 and 2160. EPM doesn’t have any multicast specific settings so it looks like more base file edits. Any chance you’re using the 2130 or 2160 for multicast paging and have any tips?

Thanks again.

No not setup multicast paging, maybe something to look at in the future. At the moment a few of the old switches on our network don’t support multicast so we need to replace those first.
If you have the full template data downloadable from Grandstream you should be able to find the P number for every setting you need. We use quite a few extra P settings, eg VLAN, weather forecast city, currency conversion settings.