EPM Sangoma Firmware Missing

PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-13
PBX Service Pack:

I have available firmware 1.19 in firmware slot 2. and 1.17 in slot 1. When I look in the /tftpboot/sangoma/2 folder on the server it is empty. Folder /tftpboot/sangoma/0 is also empty.

tftpboot/sangoma/1 contains fw300.rom, fw46.rom, fw500.rom, fw700.rom and the version file(1.17). The version file does not specify the EXP100 version. Is fw46.rom for the expansion module? I never see a request for expansion module firmware on the server.

This is a sample tcpdump of a s700 using firmware slot 1. The phone firmware updates correctly to, but the exp100 firmware is still at
11:39:25.788457 IP > 24 RRQ “factory0700.bin” octet
11:39:25.796951 IP > 21 RRQ “/cfg0700.xml” octet
11:39:27.179999 IP > 25 RRQ “/cfg0050585019fc” octet
11:39:27.185482 IP > 29 RRQ “/cfg0050585019fc.xml” octet
11:39:36.816049 IP > 27 RRQ “sangoma/1/fw40.rom” octet
11:39:36.829183 IP > 27 RRQ “sangoma/1/fw46.rom” octet
11:39:37.146443 IP > 28 RRQ “sangoma/1/fw700.rom” octet

Somethign is blocking the firmware for your slot 2. I would drag out version 1.19 from slot 2 back to available and submit then drag it back to slot 2 again.

As far as version in 1.17 it was EXP firmware for the Exp.

I have tried a couple times and the firmware never gets placed in the folder. I manually downloaded them from http://rs.sangoma.net/phone/firmware into the tftp folder and was able to get a phone upgraded.

Okay, It just threw me off that under 1.17 in FreepBX it lists the version for EXP100 as and the version file in the tftpboot folder does not specify which version.