EPM - Redirect Provisioning Process

Hi all,

I set up a system for using redirect HTTP provisioning from the Sangoma Portal. The IP I set in the portal is the LAN IP of the PBX. This properly boots the phones to a LOGIN INT/EXT screen. I like this approach because I don’t need to match MAC addresses to Extensions. I can move phones around and log people in on the fly.

The phones boot to the default or native VLAN on their Internet port. Clients can reach the FreePBX server from this VLAN. I imagine this has to be possible for the phone to get its config from EPM.

So with EPM, I have the Sangoma profile configured to set the phones to a VLAN. This has a few advantages. I want the phones (there’s only 10 but anyways) to be on a separate VLAN. The PC port stays on the native VLAN.

When I get the first LOGIN INT/EXT on the phones, and I log in, it appears to work, however it doesn’t make calls. I figured out that this is because the phones aren’t moving to their assigned VLAN from EPM until I reboot AFTER a login. Then, it seems like the phone comes up, works very sluggishly, then reboots again. Firmware update? It doesn’t do this during the boot process when it says “Checking firmware” for 5 minutes?

My question is…

Is it possible to configure these so that from a Factory Reset, the phones get their EPM config and join the proper VLAN without having to login and manually reboot again?

I’m using a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-X with a router-on-a-stick Config. Each VLAN is a different subnet.

Should I scrap the Sangoma Portal provisioning and use DHCP 66?

Ideally, the process would be:
-Phone Boots
-Phone gets native VLAN DHCP, something (redirect server or Option 66) points to the FreePBX Server.
-Phone gets EPM config.
-Phone reboots with new config, updates firmware, reboots.
-Phone is now on VoIP VLAN. Get Login prompt.

I don’t think this is going to help you, the issue seems to be with the Sangoma Phones at the point of joining the VLAN.

It was a long time since i played with Sangoma Phones and VLAN tagging, but i remember it working fine.
So maybe look into your network setup…?

Anytime the network changes the phone has to reboot. Your issue is redirect tells it how to reach the PBX but it can’t tell it VLAN settings. It has to pull a config which tells it what VLAn settings to use and has to reboot than.

Perhaps there should be a way for redirect to specify VLAN?

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