EPM - Rebuild Extensions takes a LONG time

We started rolling out SNG7/FBX14 systems recently and have noticed that so far, the few we’ve rolled out all have extreme lag (5-10 minutes or so) when doing a rebuild the extensions in EPM. This has been observed on systems with 5 extension and 15 extensions. The system appears to be “locked up” during the rebuild, and then after time passes it will “finish” and everything back to normal.

If I do the rebuild via CLI (fwconsole epm rebuildupdate TEMPLATENAME) it rebuilds in a normal amount of time.

I’ve had TOP running in a SSH session when doing the above laggy rebuilds and see that Apache consumes almost all the CPU during this entire “lag session”. When doing the rebuild via command line, top only shows PHP using about 2/3 CPU for the “normal” amount of time to rebuild (5-10 seconds).

I do NOT have Extension Mapping IP or Status enabled in Globals.

This does not happen on any of the FPBX 13 systems I have out there. It does happen on all of the 4 systems on FBX 14 I have out there. All of these systems were clean installs, not in-place upgrades nor were they “migrated” or restored systems using the tool/backups.

Example System:

Asterisk 13.19.1
Apache 2.4.6
PHP 5.6.36
Dual Core CPU, 2GB RAM, SSD Disk

Any ideas?

Are you sure that you do not have enabled that it should show the status and/or the IP address of the phone in EPM?

We recently had exactly what you discribed, and disabling it solved the issue.

100% Sure. I did some digging in the forums here first and saw a thread with that mentioned and thought it was my salvation, when I went to check, i saw they were both already marked disabled anyway (on all systems in discussion).

I just tested on 3 servers with no issues. Let’s see if others can comment. Have you tried updating to edge on 1 and testing.

Can you try creating a new template, don’t assign any phones yet, see if you have the same issue when rebuilding.

Times for me to rebuild on an EPM with 1000 pairs setup on it:
5 extensions: 1-2 minutes
20 extensions: 3-5 minutes
50 extensions: 7-15 mins
100 extensions: 15-30 minutes

I actually think the server gets done rebuilding the actual files far before the page refreshes. Think the Javascript gets stuck doing something at times.

I’ll try the new template test, and also then using Edge sometime tomorrow, I’m out of town right now.

The strange part is doing it via CLI is “normal” vs doing it in the Web GUI which is laggy.

I’ll report back late tomorrow.

That’s not strange at all. When you are doing things via the CLI you are running them at the system level. When you are going them via the GUI you have the browser and the web server “in between” so the browser is going to send the request, deal with any of the JS or client side code execution while Apache is going to take that information and pass it through to the system (PHP parser, etc). If the script takes longer than the browser would like for a response back to its request it can lag out or be unresponsive.

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