Epm provision protocol - HTTP button missing

I’ve just added the EPM commercial module along with the System Admin module to my FreePBX 14. I was able enable the FTP protocol on the EPM GUI.

Is there supposed to be a button for the HTTP?

Not all protocols are available in all templates. In which manufacturer’s template are you seeing this?

I’ve created a template for the Polycom soundpoint 335. I can see only FTP and TFTP buttons…no HTTP.

The polycom template doesn’t show it for some reason, need an issue ticket for it. Just go to custom and set it up as http yourself: http://username:[email protected]:84 (84 = port).

How do I create a ticket?

That is correct. Polycom was done years ago and no new features or models are being added as they have not renewed their partnership with us in 5 plus years. We only add new features and models to brands that go through our Partnership program.

Does this means I can’t provision Polycom phones with my EPM? I have another thread open concerning provision Polycom IP335.

No you can but only for models and features that were supported years ago.

@tonyclewis is correct however you can also edit your basefile and set it up very easily yourself. This way you can use any new features however you have to set them up through the basefile editor is all. Not that big of a deal.

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