EPM Phone Firmware management

I have a grandstream firmware I would like to install on my phones. I can’t find it in the firmware that is distributed via the endpoint manager. Is there a way I can upload my own firmware, if so can someone point me to the documentation?


I have read this documentation.

It does not show you how to load a firmware file that is on you pc. This is loading prepackaged firmwares from who knows where. THe latest version of the firmware is not available in these downloads.

EDIT: for example the gxp-2160 has version on the grandstream site but and the firmware manager has in the highest level of available firmwares.

EDIT 2: Did not read it closely enough: All firmware is downloaded to the tftpboot directory under each brand such as aastra/1 and aastra/2 for slot 1 and slot 2. If you pick firmware version 0.00 this allows you to then go into the slot that you put firmware 0.00 and download and install your own custom firmware that you want into this slot.

Be careful with new grandstream firmware, the p values for linke keys have changed considerably and EPM will not build proper configs, unless you edit the basefile (took me a day)

For reference, in the firmware portion of EPM, you can drag one of the 2 “Custom” firmwares into a slot. This creates the slot in /tftpboot/grandstream/slotnumber which you can then put your firmware into for the phones to load.

Could you list what has changed in the P-Codes?

Sorry for the slow reply.

The GXP2160 has settings for city code for weather app.
You can turn off the currency application.
You can turn off the scree saver.

Taking a long shot here on an old thread but I too have gotten this far. Im not sure I understand what you mean by “go into the slot”. How do I do this? How I get a Grandstream firmware I have downloaded into that directory?



thanks for the link but I’ve looked and looked through that prior to posting. It just talks about slot 0 which will allow custom firmware. how do I actually do that? it says i should be able to “go into the slot” how do i do that?

You download your grandstream firmware and move it into /tftpboot/grandstream/2, or /tftpboot/grandstream/1, depending on into which Firmware slot you moved your 0.00 custom firmware in EPM.

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