EPM Not push-reboot Cisco SPA525g2

I’ve been using OSS Endpoint manager for years, and finally am installing a new phone server. (FreePBX 15) with the paid version of Endpoint Manager.

Everything copied over/setup working fine - however, the save, rebuild configuration and reboot phones function does not reboot my phones.

I’ve searched the support forums and mostly just found that this isn’t supported by all handsets - BUT… PUSH-REBOOT worked fine with OSS Endpoint manager - so I’m sure these handsets support it… – the Save and reboot DID reboot the phones (which were attached and registered).

My question is has someone else figured this out for Cisco SPA525 g2 phones? and if not - which files or where are the files I need to edit? I still have my old FreePBX phone system, and can probably find the reboot code being sent - just would like an idea where in [pay] EPM the config files might be, and which ones shouldn’t be touched…

Thanks in advance!

Here’s what I found - first - when I changed to CHAN_SIP, push reboot works fine.

Second - the CALLER ID is now working as expected - when I was using PJSip, if I transfer a call - (using announced transfer) the receiving phone SEES the correct callerID from the original caller - but the phone history shows only the extension of the person who transferred the call. But Chan_SIP restores the expected behavior.

so for me - YAY Chan_sip is still preferred

Third note about PJSip - at least with voip.ms - I would occasionally get the “all-circuits-busy-now” message - but when I changed my trunk to Chan_sip - that problem seems to have gone away too…

I am Still excited about the pjsip project, and will try and help troubleshoot as I have time - but for me with FreePBX 15 current updates as of late August 2020, Asterisk 16, and at least with my setup, Chan_sip seems to be the stable option.

And now of course I realize this post has turned and is now probably in the wrong section

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