EPM not downloading firmware

Anyone know what I can check to see why a different firmware set is not downloading in EPM?

I originally setup EPM months ago. But now, I want to add a second firmware for testing some issues.
I added the Polycom 1.10 yesterday and it never downloaded anything, but never gave an error either.

I tried to add an older Aastra also and I get failed to download error.

EPM is current and getting updates until May still (only purchased last year).

Rebooted, tried again a few times.

Still nope.

Any idea where these attempts are logged? If at all?

I have the same issue with Yealink firmware.

I also have Yealink on this PBX. But i never tried to add a second one there. Let me try.

Opened a support ticket. we’ll see where it goes.

The system I opened the support ticket for, I tried to download Snom firmware.
No error in the GUI, but not confirmation either.

But no files.

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Support replied and said the files are not on their server.

Reading their reply, it shows they looked in /var/log/httpd/error_log

So I logged into the other servers I tested this on… Yup, Sangoma broke it.

This is now fixed. Clicking submit on any firmware screen will cause it to download any missing ones apparently, because they all showed up after I clicked submit on the Yealink screen.

Of note, the information is still in the /var/log/httpd/error_log log file.

The timeline.

  • 2019/02/27 09:23 - I posted here on the FreePBX community.
  • 2019/02/27 15:13 - Another user commented they also had this issue.
  • 2019/02/27 16:31 - I submitted a support ticket.
  • 2019/02/27 17:03 - Sangoma replied stating this was not any kind of known issue and I needed to install their SSH key package to let them check the server.
  • 2019/02/28 08:52 I replied that I had added the SSH package and updated the firewall to let them connect.
  • 2019/02/28 09:49 Sangoma replied that the files were missing on the remote server and showed the log error.
  • 2019/02/28 10:05 Sangoma replied that an internal trouble ticket was created.
  • 2019/02/28 15:58 Sangoma replied that the issue was resolved.
  • 2019/02/28 19:26 I confirmed that the firmware was downloadable

This is not any kind of response time that I can complain about. I do wish there had been known information on how to find the EPM download errors. It would have likely been resolved much quicker.

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