EPM not creating config file from fwconsole

If I use fwconsole to create an extension mapping in EPM, it successfully creates the mapping in the database because it shows up in the GUI and shows up green.

But if I look at the /tftpboot directory, there is no config file made.

If I subsequently click on the extension in the GUI and tell it to rebuild the file, it does create the file.

Is this a known issue?
Am I doing something wrong?
If the answer to both of those is “no” I will open a support ticket.

In the extension settings, it is showing as contact 1 and not contact 2.

Adding in the 4861-1 makes the Extension page show them in the right order.

But it still does not make a file on add or rebuild.

It does show up in EPM in the GUI.

Building from the GUI does get it made.

If you do this with an extension with only a single contact it works, though the file owner is wrong.

I’m guessing that the fwconsole features for EPM are not* heavily used so you may well be seeing issues for which tickets are needed.

* edit - accidentally left out the word not

Assuming you meant are not heavily used, I would agree. But I do like to post in case I missed something before opening support tickets.

@lgaetz I am looking at these EPM functions because I have a site that wants user’s “main” phone to always work while having a login function on guest phones.

If I use the built in Login app, it removes the EPM entry for the main phone when a user logs in. To my understanding that is by design.

So It would be easier for me to have a custom function wrote in PHP that I can put on a button to add/remove the entry to EPM.

Only thing I don’t know yet is how to make a phone reload config that is not registered. I know the existing phone app does it. Figured it must be some type of notify but not that far yet.

Weird, looks like it cannot add from the Extensions page either.

/me heads off to submit tickets.

Edit: Tickets 884307 and 884316 made. I’ll post here if anything is updated.

And a high quality cop out answer from support!!!

The Aastra models are unsupported!!!

And pray tell, how does the model of the device matter to a difference between fwconsole and the GUI?


@lgaetz your support team needs training on your own products.

They have now combined my two submitted tickets as the same issue when I reported two completely different things.

One being the Extensions module “Other” tab not working correctly.
The other being fwconsole epm not working correctly.

Then they clearly didn’t’ even understand what provisioning multiple devices on different contacts meant as they asked questions about “Line 1” and “Line 2”.

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Currently testing in --edge and things are working. Still some bugs getting ironed out.

Note: if you use CHAN_SIP extensions or if you use PJSIP and you do not set Max Contacts to something greater than 1, there are zero issues with any of these commands to my knowledge.

The current --edge version of the Endpoint module ( works for everything except removing an existing config via fwconsole for pjsip endpoints with max endpoints set greater than 1.

The command changed from fwconsole epm to fwconsole endpoint but works.

Adding the mapping, does not create the file. it is the same as adding the device in the GUI and choosing only the “Save” option.

Note, it does show green, even though there is no configuration file.

Using the rebuild command from fwconsole generates the file, but as the root user. This will cause the web GUI to blow up if you try to rebuild it form there in the future.

If you tell it to rebuild the file as the asterisk user, it does create it correctly.

This is the only bit that is a problem still. When you use the remove command, it does remove the mapping, but it does not delete the config file.

In the web interface, there is a similar issue with this. If you choose delete frorm the main list of endpoints, it will only delete the mapping, but not the config file.

If you instead go into the extension mapping, there is a Delete and remove config option instead.
This is the only official in way to move a config file with either the GUI or fwconsole right now.

Latest EDGE release of Endpoint manager i.e resolves “deleting file from /tftpboot” issue as well.

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I will be testing it today.

I can confirm that his works to delete the configuration file with both the GUI as well as fwconsole.


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