EPM not all phones not showing up

I have a mixed Polycom 501/601 and Aastra 55i phones on my network. When I go into my licensed EPM and do a network scan, not all my phones are showing up.

They are on the network, I can browse into them, and they do not have an extension assigned too them.

Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

It will only show phones that are not mapped in EPM already so if the phone is setup and MAC is mapped in EPM it won’t show it since it’s already configured.

Then they should show up. Are you sure the scope of your scan was correct?

I did check, and yes everything is in the correct scope for the scan to find the phones. Also if I type in the MAC address the phone will let the EPM manage it. They just will not show up on the scan.

You probably already know this, but if a phone is already identified in EPM, it won’t show up in a scan. I ran into a similar problem with one of my installations and the solution was to basically remove all of the phones that had been found before and rescan the network.

Also, there are some MAC address ranges that aren’t documented in EPM (IIRC) so some phones will not show up unless you identify them be MAC address.

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