EPM Managing multiple devices in multiple templates

Situation: FreePBX 14 system with EPM. Customer has 4 offices in 3 time zones. This leaves me with 3 templates for each brand.

  • eastern
  • central
  • pacific

Each office has, at a minimum, one model of Aastra phone and model of Polycom phone.

So now I am at 6 templates, 3 for Aastra and 3 for Polycom. Why? Because the timezone setting is in the template.

This is not too unmanageable. but unweildy.

But I also have some places with multiple models of Aastra phones. So if I want to globally change a button, I have to click on each phone in all three Aastra templates in order to make the changes everywhere.

I honestly have no idea of a better way to handle this than the current setup of EPM, but I wanted to start a discussion among people that do use EPM.

Maybe similar to basefile editing, you can choose to apply a button to more than one model at a time?

It would be your own problem to know that the button exists on all the models you choose.


Depending on phone model, you don’t need a separate template if the only change is time zone. Time zone is settable in UCP for endpoint settings. It is not settable in Extension mapping as an admin, but there is an open feature request here for that:

True, if the phone simply gets, and correctly shows, the time based on DHCP.

But that still leaves changing the buttons on 3 phones one at a time.

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