EPM Licence on Virtual Machines


I’m about to install a new FreePBX VM that will use commercial EPM module.

Given license and other constraints, is it possible to use the following steps:
1- install and configure a new FreePBX setup as a KVM guest in a lab environment including its EPM module
2- export it as a VMDK image when configuration is over
3- maybe, converting it to VHDX image
4- import the VMDK or VHDX image into the target environment (with a different memory, CPU, …)
5- backup regularly target environment (snapshots, …)

Of course, at any time, only one VM either in lab or target environment is running or used.

Thoughts ?
Advices ?
Shall I impose myself to replicate some settings (MAC addresses, CPU, …) between both environments ?

Best regards

The license is tied to the MAC address

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