EPM is missing several config parameters for Vtech phones

(Adolfo) #1

Not sure if this is the right place, or if I should open a ticket under issues or a support ticket.
I just got my hands on a couple models of the VTech phones (VSP736 and VSP600) and I noticed a few things are missing or not carrying over from FreePBX EPM. I realize I can manually modify the basefiles, but several of these things missing other even non-certified brands have readily available in EPM.

For example:
sip_account.x.codec_priority should come from Asterisk SIP Settings > Audio Codecs
sip_account.x.stutter_dial_tone_enable should be in EPM Template
sip_account.x.park_variant should be “asterisk” not default "broadsoft"
file.bootup_logo and file.idle_logo should look at Image Management in EPM
sip_account.x.access_code_park_call and sip_account.x.access_code_retrieve_parked_call should be looking at Parking module