EPM: How to support phones from an unlisted vendor?

I’m discovering FreePBX 15’s EPM module.
Its “Add Brand” allows me to add select among an entry among 15 or so different phone vendor but not to edit a new vendor name.
Did I overlooked something ?
If not, what do you suggest ?
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You don’t.

Devices listed in EPM are devices that the manufacturer reached a signed agreement on with Sangoma for inclusion.

For completeness, here is the definitive resource of EPM supported devices:

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Thanks for clarifying this.

Maybe, something is missing between fully agreed vendor devices (with EPM) and not doing anything (without EPM) with other vendors.

In my opinion, a large part of FreePBX admins should be able to design and maintain templating files, that coupled with FreePBX, would produce phones or gateway config files.

At least current GraphQL capabilities give the opportunity to built a third-party provisionning server …

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