EPM for Polycoms adding unknown config file

Hi there! Have a bit of a confusing one – I’m assuming I’m missing something obvious. I normally just deal with Yealink phones and all of the provisioning there across multiple instances has been working great for years. Recently, I had to take over an existing FreePBX setup with some Polycom phones. I had a backup of the old provider’s server which I restored to a new instance and reconfigured for my normal setup. This is my first time working with the Polycoms.

What I can’t figure out is this… The config files (.cfg) being generated by EPM look like this:

# Created on 2023/10/12 21:26:26
#Configuration automatically generated via the EndPoint Module

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
     CONFIG_FILES="<MAC>-features.cfg, <MAC>-<EXT>.cfg, <MAC>-sip-interop.cfg, alertinfo.cfg"

Note the last included cfg file for CONFIG_FILES is “alertinfo.cfg”. I have no idea where this is coming from. The file itself is not being created by EPM and therefore doesn’t exist in the directory of config files to be served. So, when a Polycom boots up, it errors out saying that a config file is missing.

I manually created the file with just an empty config – and everything works fine! Phones boot up, grab all of the config files (including the empty-config alertinfo.cfg) and properly provision.

I’d just like to track down why EPM is adding that to the CONFIG_FILES in the first place. Again, this could be in some weird place that I’m unaware of from the previous provider since the backup is from them – but I’m just not seeing/finding it.

Any thoughts on where to look? Thanks!

Not that this will answer your question about EPM but just in general Polycoms let you break up their configuration files into multiple files. The name of the file doesn’t actually signify anything to the phone. You can have the same settings configured in each file and the phone will happily ingest it.

From the name of the file I suspect that’s a placeholder file meant to include different ring tones that the Polycom phones can access.

Adding an empty .cfg file shouldn’t hurt the phones at all if you can’t get it to not reference the config file in the EPM.

Right, yes, I am aware of that. I was more just trying to figure out why EPM is creating configuration files that don’t work. Because it is including a file in the list that doesn’t get created, things just don’t work unless I manually add a file. Seems very odd.

Note that the extra file (alertinfo.cfg) can’t be an empty file either – or the Polys still barf on it. :slight_smile: I actually had to add an empty configuration to it that does nothing for the phone to accept it.

In any case, I can get around it – it was more trying to figure out why it was being created at all. Must be in something I’m overlooking.

Right, my wording sucked. I meant empty file with appropriate header and footer but no actual configuration instructions inside those.

Got ya – I figured so. I just wanted to mention it in general. :+1:

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