EPM Firmware Management Documentation Request

Can anyone point me to some documentation for EPM that describes what EPM does to obtain its firmware files?

  • Using Chrome
  • Asterisk 13.9.1 on CentOS7
  • The system hangs on “Firmware downloading and Installing. Please wait.” and after a long period of time, fails.

The documentation I do have is here, but it only describes the basic steps of updating firmware. I’m looking for something more in-depth:

In other firmware related posts, possible solutions have been:

  • Just wait
  • Use Chrome
  • Use the firmware link
  • Create a support ticket


In this case, I would set up a ticket as Sangoma does not usually provide the inner workings of their Commercial Modules.

Also, EPM is a Commercial Module as such should be covered as this seems like a bug.

No. The correct solution now (was not 5 months ago… nice necro btw…) is this.

Hi @DR7PBX EPM now has option to use either “custom firmware” or EPM certified firmware from EPM servers.

If you are trying to download firmware from EPM server then you can see logs in “fwconsole debug” which will tell you about downloading progress and download is purely depends on size of firmware and your internet speed.

If you dont find anything in log and stuck forever then i think as you are using commercial module so request you to please open a commercial support ticket here


I was answering the first part in regards to the firmware download failing.

But, Yes, there are other ways to get the firmware in there.

Whether today or 5 months ago, if there is an issue with the firmware downloading from the Sangoma repository then he should most likely put in a ticket as @kgupta1 and myself mentioned.

But, thank you for answering the second part, as the new way to input custom firmware was not something I knew about.

Thanks, that helps.

Turns out the issue was ultimately on my side with some traffic being blocked.

Do you have any specifics you would be willing to share?

You could help others in the future.

Disable fail2ban and iptables for 20 seconds and re-enable

Ahh… Gotcha.

Thank you for responding.

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