EPM external provisioning of cisco SPA112

I am trying to get a cisco SPA112 to provision from our server.

I setup a cisco template
assigned / Mapped a extension to the MAC address of the ATA

and added the following to Provision Rule:
[–uid XXXXXXX --pwd XXXXXXXXX] http://pbx.mypbx.xxx:84/spa$MA.xml

I can see the ATA in apache access logs grab the file result 200, the ata reboots… but non of the config is taken.
if I check the spa.xml file the info all seems to be in there but the ata doesnt seem to be using it. I have tried http and https same results.

Firewall has ata IP as trusted for testing… it does seem to reach apache just fine.


http://usename:[email protected]:84/spa$MA.xml

As I can see by the log lines I think the provision rule works in regards to auth… as the log lines below show it connected without auth… gets 401 error then connects with auth and gets 200.

XX.XX.XX.XX - - [01/Oct/2021:14:58:10 +0000] “GET /spa701f530b9a4f.xml HTTP/1.0” 401 381 “-” “Cisco/SPA112-1.3.5(004p) (CCQ224001KO)”
XX.XX.XX.XX - USERNAME - [01/Oct/2021:14:58:10 +0000] “GET /spa701f530b9a4f.xml HTTP/1.0” 200 12020 “-” “Cisco/SPA112- (701F530B9A4F)(CCQ224001KO)”

I can see the ata grabbing the entire file and it reboots… but then comes back without any changes to config…

That makes it easier, you likely have a bad XML config.
To confirm, export the live config and put it on your PBX. Change something in the unit manually and then reprovision. The change should revert.

Hrrrm how does one export the live config on spa112… I can backup the spa112 but it does not give an xml file

All the Cisco stuff uses the spacfg.xml method.


Awsome… this is what I needed exactly… thanks so much

So I took the config.xml from a working spa112 and used it as the .xml instead of the auto generated one from the basefile and it configured a factory defaulted SPA112 without issue.

I so I guess the base file needs to be updated or modified. Has anyone an updated basefile for cisco SPA112?

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