EPM/Endpoint Manager Debugging Tips and Tricks

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I’m surprised there is so little on this subject (at least I can’t find anything yet)…

I’ve used asterisk -rv... to sort out issues with call routing, but I haven’t found any info on how to sort out endpoint autoconfiguration.

I have a Yealink T42G that is not configuring. I can see that it registers at dm.yealink.com, but I don’t see any activity hitting my configuration server.

I’m guessing/hoping some EPM gurus out there have ways of spelunking the logs or flipping flags or packet sniffing that allow them to sort out where the configuration attempt(s) are falling on their faces.

If anyone has tipps for getting information about what’s going on, please reply with your tips and tricks.


(Mark Moore) #2

FWIW, we’re running FPBX v on a FreePBXHosting VM with Asterisk version 13.32.0 and EPM version

(Kapil Gupta) #3

Hi, @mmoo9154 I would say tcdpdump on provisioning protocol port in the FreePBX system will be good to see if the phone request to pull the configuration is actually hitting to FreePBX or not?

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Yep, monitor various log files to see what is happening as well as tcpdump (esp. if not seeing any log activity from the phone provisioning…)


oh, and checking on the filesystem that the config files have been written out correctly lol.

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