EPM Doesn't update phones after awhile when phones are using Open VPN

I have Sangoma P330 endpoints and am provisioning using EMP on FreePBX. Some time after the phones provision, I can no longer send updates to the phones or force them to reboot. The pbx is hosted on an offsite server and all endpoints connect using the VPN. I’m looking for anyone who might shed some light on this issue. My apologies in advance if this is a simple fix but I appreciate any help!

Hi @papaecho12
Have you checked to upgrade your EPM module ?
You have to provide us some details and screenshots too… My suggestion is 1st try to upgrade your FreePBX modules. maybe Old EPM version effected of that issue.


@shahin I’m using the latest stable version of EPM
Let me know what screenshots you’d like to see and I’ll definitely send them over.
Thank you for your response.

Hi @papaecho12 Good morning, Can you pls post here some settings screenshots. ( Note: you can hide some infos such as Public IP & Password. )
1- EPM Global Settings (Settings → Endpoint Manager → Global Settings )
2- Extension Mapping xxxx example ( Settings → Endpoint Manager → Extension Mapping → XXX extension → Edit )
3- Check your S Phone latest Firmware PBX and Phone side ( Settings → Endpoint Manager → Firmware → Sangoam S Phoen → S-XXX ( )
4- Setting for VPN Server ( System Admin → VPN Server )

Pls send to us this 4 step screenshots to see your settings. I think (guessing) you have STEP-4 somethings Redirect Gateway: NO i think you have to change to YES and that way will allow ALL of the client’s internet traffic Route through the your FreePBX…

And Additional Pls check your Modules (paid) do not expired. System Admin Pro Module needs to be paid and up to date.