EPM Digium phones but won't upgrade to latest version

We have an installation hosted at FreePBXHosting that we recently upgraded from v14 to v15. Now phone apps are disabled saying that EPM need to be updated and a annual fee must be paid first. However, we have all Digium phones (D60’s, D62’s and D65’s). Also, the EPM was provided as part of the FreePBXHosting service, it was not purchased. If we have all Digium phones and the EPM module was provided by the hosting service, why is the EPM not updating?

Also, is there a way to find the email registered to an account from the Installation ID? We can’t even purchase the annual maintenance because we can’t find what email address is associated with the installation ID.

Thanks for any clarification and assistance :slight_smile:

Since you have a paid version of EPM, you must continue to purchase maintenance in order to get updates. If you wish to proceed with the free version only, you can request that that paid EPM version be abandoned for your deployment by opening a support ticket with the request.


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