EPM - Device Provisioning Mystery Config

EPM configed device appears to be provisioning from mystery source. Was using OSS. Is it possible there are confgs left over from OSS.? Where are the provisioning files stored?

10.13.66-21 32 Bit, Aastra Phones

EPM does everything in database no way OSS could add that or for EPM to see anything OSS had.

Thanks. Discovered that some settings were not being updated on restart of the phones. Only by some combination of factory reset and erase local settings would the template fully setup the configuration.
I am really not sure what is really happening. It is not easy to tell when and if the config updates correctly.

Ok well all EPM does it write out the config file and tell the phone to check and update. It’s up to the phone to check and apply the config.

We get no feedback from the phone and no ability to know it applied the update or not. You would need to talk with aastra if it’s not updating correct without a factory reset. It’s clear after you factory reset it took the config so it’s not a config issue.

Remenber this, the “good” old days.