EPM Cisco SPA508g firmware update

My cisco phones are provisioning just fine using EPM but they are not accepting the firmware in firmware slot 1. The current firmware is 7.5.5 and I’ve verified the cisco web site and the phones are able to go to the highest without doing anything special (like updating certain firmware’s in steps).

I’m wondering if anyone else has updated the firmware for these phones using the EPM? Are there any log files I can verify to see if there is any errors with the process?

Hi @Simon first you can confirm EPM generated configuration in /tftpboot is generating proper firmware location path in /tftpboot/ . If thats looks right then try to take pcap/tcpdump on the port (depends on provisioning protocol) to see interaction between cisco phone and your freepbx to know more about why phone is not downloading firmware based on phone generated request. thanks.

Or you could place the firmware files in the tftp folder of your freePBX server and edit the xml-config files of your phones to load the new firmware.
You need a ftp-client like FileZilla and a linux-compatible editor.

Thank you for the replies. I’ve been using EPM for years and can confirm it is working. The TFTP folder does contain a xml file for each of the configured phone/extensions and the firmware folder does contain the cisco/1/ firmware that have been downloaded by FREEPBX.

I did a quick test by adding a “x” to the name of the firmware file spa50x.bin (making it spa508xx.bin) then login into a phones GUI and adding the x to the path then applying the changes. This did update the firmware and using the command “tail -f /var/log/messages | grep tftp” also shows me the phone asking and downloading the firmware.

This shows me that everything is working and this might be more on the Cisco phone and how and when it updates firmware. Is there a parameter for Cisco SPA5xx phones that will make it check for firmware updates periodically like it does the xmp file?

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