EPM breaking Polycom IP 331 phones

I am trying to get a Polycom IP 331 to work. I have EPM and the 3rd party lic, and it have it all configured in EPM. I have setup the server in the phone to get the config via HTTP, and it does grab the config, and it looks like the phone works, BUT I can make a outgoing call, but not incoming call. The call does show up but the phone does not ring but I can pick it up. If I press the volume button to increase the ring volume the phone locks up and reboots. If I go in the settings and try to set the ring it locks up and reboots. If I leave a VM message it instantly reboots and then gets in a reboot loop until I delete the voicemail message. Now I cannot get into the web config either, if I factory reset it I get a error 0x4020 and I have to put the EPM info in to get it to boot, but I cannot get into the web gui. I’m a bit stuck.

BootRoom is
SIP is
EPM is

Thanks! - Jeremy

That sounds like a bad phone. If you can’t factory default it, log into the phone’s web GUI and program the user/pass/host into and make it connect , that’s not the EM. That is the phone.

Turning up the volume causes a reboot/lockup, going nuts when receiving an MWI update, etc are all phone level issues.

Thank your for your response, I would of thought so myself, but, the phone was working fine on the hosted account it was originally connected to (not asterisk). While I was figuring out how to get the provisioning info in it, I logged into the web GUI and I remember accidentally pressing the volume buttons and making it ring, then no more than a half hour later after I remembered the IP address also needed the port behind it and got it to grab the info from EPM, then it stopped working and freaked out. Now I cannot get it back, unless it has some kind of custom firmware in it. If I try the factory reset it gives me that error until I put the EPM info back in, but then the web GUI is now gone.

This is going to be part of your problem. The BootRoom is 7 years old, the SIP/UC Firmware is 6 years old. These phones never got past the 4.0 SIP/UC firmware but the current version is 4.0.14 from Aug this year.

Basically your phone is running old everything and that could be part of the issue. What platform what this other provider using? I can’t remember is the 3.2 was a specific platform release like 4.1 is currently.

I’m not that familiar with polycom, I have worked with them somewhat, but not this detailed. They are from a local phone company hosted, I’m not sure exactly what platform but it may be softswitch. If I cannot get into the GUI is there anyway to update it?

I honestly can’t say. It’s so old that I can’t recall what methods to reset things where from back then. You are going to have to ask them what they were running. Polycom has versions for specific platforms, if this is one of those it ain’t going to work with Asterisk. It needs to have the proper firmware for generic SIP standard support.

Honestly, for me, I would just get a new phone.

There is a key sequence to factory reset. I think they can be reloaded from a local tftp server, but I don’t recall the details.

I have started using the phone web page to update the firmware and not EPM. Not bad if only a few phones.

Agree w/ above. Phones are inexpensive compared to the trouble. I’d get new phones. I’ve replaced most of my 330/331.

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