EPM - BLF settings per extension?

What is the easiest way to configure BLF settings for multiple BLF buttons?

I’m using the paid EPM for provisioning but haven’t figured out how to manage BLFs per station (the way I used to with the OSS EPM).


I have the same question. I am using the commercial EPM right now for a new deployment, but in my testing I added support for my phones (Grandstream GXP-2130/2140/2160) into the OSS EPM. I am now trying to decide if Schoomze has being able to customize Programmable/Multi Function keys on a per user basis on the roadmap for EPM or if I need to further define the phone support in OSS EPM and return to it.

BLF are assigned per template. You usually define a template by use case… there is nothing that says you can’t have 1 template per user.

Well that creates a management nightmare and eliminates the purpose of having templates all together. You can’t apply basefile changes to multiple templates either, so changes I want made across an entire brand of device would require updating every template every time a change or new value is required.

The ideal situation is having it built into the ARI like OSS EPM and then during building of the config file each value is read from UserCustom->BasefileCustom->BasefileDefault.

I know if I deploy the GXP-2160’s to just my sales department and they have 24 nice shiny programmable keys and I only need to use 6-8 of them for system purposes and I do not allow each user to set their own BLF/Speedials I will end up having constant tickets just to change keys. I don’t want to personally have to manage individual templates for 70+ devices every time someone wants to change a BLF/Speeddial.


It was not done per extension due to issues with ARI and being able to hook properly. With FreePBX 12 and the new UCP its a feature that will be coming out in the next couple months.

*face palm* I should have saw that, I looked at the road map page before posting and saw the part about Grandstream Softkeys but missed the part about Extension Level overrides.

Thanks for the update and time line.

I think we can trust you so I moved your trust level up, you shouldn’t run into that again

This is great to hear!

We will likely be switching to FreePBX next year for our main campus, and this feature will be a huge benefit! I was actually looking into manually managing config files if this wouldn’t be possible.

As it is, I do have different templates for each small department, but I think having extension-level settings will be much nicer.