EPM Backup Mixed Versions

Hello All,

I just did a migration from a Primary PBX v13 and upgraded to the latest 15.
My method was to backup from the primary to the backup, then upgrade the backup, if all tested switch roles and then of course make the primary the same version.
In the process EPM data wasn’t restored to the backup PBX because it didn’t have EPM installed.

While I can install EPM on the backup now, it’s different versions, so I don’t believe I can backup/restore just those settings. Additionally from within EPM, I can only export extension configs, not all the templates that were made.

Is there a proper procedure I should follow or am I stuck?


@VoIPTek Yes, you’ll need to have EPM installed as a module for it to restore. Also, my understanding is that since EPM is a licensed Sangoma product, you have to make sure that EPM is licensed on the machine that is being restored to in order for it to be restored as well.

Hope this helps!

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