EPM Background Image on Snom S-D765

Hi, when generating the images for snom phones in EPM the defined background image works fine for S-821 and the following line changes in the image for all S-821:
from a snom821-(mac).htm:
user_xml_screen_url idx=“1” perm=""> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:83/snom-snom_xxx-S-821.xml</user_xml_screen_url

In the image files for S-D765 the line does not change, however all other setting are correctly inserted (timezone, DNS etc):
from a snomD765-(mac).htm:
user_xml_screen_url idx=“1” perm=""> </user_xml_screen_url

there is only a bg-snom-S-821-sss.bmp in /tftpboot/images/formatted

i have only one snom template defined for S-821 and S-D765 - where S-821 and S-D765 are marked under “Available Phones” and line keys are set.

provisioning for all other parameter and account settings works fine. changing the line in the D765 template manually also works and the image will appear on the D765.

is this by design so that for the D765 the background image parameter is not used?

official distro PBX Firmware:10.13.66-13
EndPoint Manager 13.0.74

was solved in

EndPoint Manager 13.0.77: Fix S-D765 background and key count. Add support for contact images to Sangoma phones.