EPM asking for Renewal

It appears most of our systems are now asking for a renewal of EPM. I was under the impression that if we are using Sangoma phones we would be able to get the EPM for free.

Is this still true? If so, how do I go about “renewing” the systems that only have Sangoma phones?

Did you buy a licence to use any non-Sangoma phones in the past? If you did then you need to get the EPM licence removed from your deployment by customer service. It will then revert to the free version. The licenced version isn’t (at least it wasn’t at the start of this year) smart enough to know that it shouldn’t ask for renewals even if you are only using Sangoma phones.

Thank you for the reply, the license came with our hosting (freepbxhosting.com), I will reach out to sales/support and have them remove the licenses on our pure Sangoma systems.


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