EPM and Sangoma S500 - no incoming calls

Hello, we are running a freepbx with asterisk 13.18.13 and the commercial endpoint manager. We mainly use Grandstream phones and provision them completely via EPM. Now we bought one sangoma s500 and did the same, simple case, just internal extension with “sip” like all the others. It works partly: the phone can be used for outgoing calls just fine. For incoming calls, you immediately get the “busy” signal. I looked around a bit and saw that the Grandstream phones all have a high port listed at the “chan_sip” info table, while the sangoma has listed port 5060. In the extensions module, all our extensions show the hint " This device uses CHAN_SIP technology listening on Port 5061 (UDP - this is a NON STANDARD port)" because we have set the chan_sip port to 5061, but I reckon this is for call to the pbx from the phone, which should be provisioned automatically and which works. What are we doing wrong? Should we set a different port for the S500 - and if so, how?

I would recommend opening a ticket at https://support.sangoma.com

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