EPM and Polycom VVX

I’m trying to turn off the Exchange integration on VVX410 and VVX600.

I am not able to modify the base files. I specify a file name, section, feature and value. EPM seems to accept it, but it does not appear to modify the XML.

I need to add this:
<exchange.server exchange.server.url=“” />

to one of the config files.

How can I do that?

Why? There are two EPM implementations (mutually exclusive OSS and Commercial) and the base files are stored (typically) in the ‘tftproot’ directory. If you are using one of the EPMs, the basefile should be editable, and if you aren’t, the basefile is available for you to change before you serve it to the phone.

Please tell us more about your configuration and we should be able to steer you in the right direction.

I figured it out. The XML for the polycom is a b*** to edit. And it is missing the applications.cfg file. I’m trying to set the exchange.url. 'll be pushing it to the phones this week and will update this if successful.

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Remember that you can add ‘xmllint’ to your FreePBX install to verify that you haven’t fat-fingered the file once you make your changes.

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