EPM and Grandstream GXV-3240

I’m trying to configure a bunch of GXV-3240 through EPM 14.0.23. It does not update the MPK settings.
What can I look at?

Option 66 points to the FreePBX server. In the phone, config is set to TFTP and has the FreePBX server as a value. TFTP is set correctly.

More info. TFTP reports this:
PBX in.tftpd[76506]: RRQ from filename cfgc074ad002879
PBX in.tftpd[76506]: Client finished cfgc074ad002879
PBX in.tftpd[76507]: RRQ from filename cfgc074ad002879.xml
PBX in.tftpd[76507]: Client File not found cfgc074ad002879.xml

I don’t see the xml in the tftpboot folder. I do have a pair of file for each endpoint. cfg and .cfg

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