EPM and Cisco 7941G not provisioning Account 2

I am trying to use EPM to provision Account 2 on a Cisco 7941G, but nothing seems to show up in the XML file. Account 1 works just fine, but if I add a second extension for Account 2 (to map to the second button), nothing shows up in the XML. If I delete account 1 and use just account 2, the created XML file seems to be missing bits.

This configuration works fine with a Cisco 7940, which allows me to create two extensions for Account 1 and Account 2, and they both appear in the config file without a problem.

(answering myself) After more digging into the XML configuration, and the EPM basefile template editor, what I need is an XML entry for <sipLines><line button="2">, which I can put in there manually, and it works great.

If I go into the basefile editor, I see an entry called <1line> which corresponds to <line button="1">, and I can edit everything under there. However, it won’t let me add a <2line> entry (unless I’m doing it wrong).

Other Cisco models (such as the CP7942G) have a <1line> and <2line> entry already in there. Any ideas how I add a <2line> section in the basefile editor for the 7941G?

The suspect file appears to be


I’m thinking that the lines in this file that contain ‘2line’ need to have the database field ‘model’ extended to include the string ‘CP7941G’.

Because this is a paid module, is there somewhere specific I should be asking for this change to be made?

Like everything in FreePBX you would open a request at issues.freepbx.org.

Also as noted in our full wiki on EPM the Cisco Enterprise phones are unsupported meaning we only add basic support on them such as can we register 1 extension and make a call. Beyond that its all unsupported by us and its best effort.

Also make sure you are trying this on the latest 12.0 EPM before opening a issue report.