EPM and A Series Digium Phones

I have a newly upgraded FreePBX system with a licensed copy of EPM and several brand new Digium A30 phones.

I have licensed and installed “Digium Phone Module for Asterisk” but I am not sure how to create a template for these phones. Under EPM it only lists the D series phones.

Any assistance is appreciated.

We do not support the A series phones in FreePBX EPM. We made clear that only D Series phones are supported in EPM.

Thank you for your response. I love it when people say things like “we made it clear” as if anyone that does not “get it” is diffident in some way, either intellectually or in his due diligence.

I am a man of above average intelligence and I assure you sir, for someone that does not deal with this on a daily basis this fact was not abundantly clear.

This is what I want:

I want to be able to deploy phone configurations on a mass scale. I want BLF functions to work for people’s extensions and with our parking lots. Before I have done this with Aastra 55 and 57i phones with no issues and have been very happy. Does Digium have a similar product, of so, what works well with EPM?

Thank you for your time.

FreePBX has no way to configure A Series phones. They were never built into FreePBX and were designed as a low cost phone for Asterisk users to configure on there own with no real features.

When I say we made clear I was referring to the blog post we did on D Series phones were now included in EPM free of charge. Also on the wiki.freepbx.org for EPM that list Supported phones you will see only D Series are listed. Lastly in the Sangoma Portal the item Description says it is not supported in FreePBX EPM and also the order and invoice would show it in the documents assuming you bought them from our portal.

Additionally, this wiki page is the official list of EPM supported devices:

Sangoma s-series phones, and Digium D-series phones would work best, and are included as supported for Free with the FreePBX End Point Manager (https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/EPM-Supported+Devices)

I bought one of the A series phones as well, and it was not made clear that it would not work with EPM. Sorry, but when looking at a phone I don’t scour a blog postings.

It doesn’t even work within the Sagoma user control account, so clearly they don’t wish to support their own product, which speaks volumes.

I have to say, I’m happy I only bought one as I’ll be buying Cisco phones again in the future and got it during the Black Friday event. The phone is way way overpriced for what it is and does. I find it poorly designed and it functions poorly as well.

If you bought it through the Sangoma portal it certainly warns you that it does not work with the EPM. If you bought it from another vendor than Sangoma, no one can control if the vendor will know or even rely that it doesn’t work with the EPM.

So you’re saying you buy equipment without first checking if said equipment is compatible or can work with/in your environment/setup. Sorry, that’s a lame excuse.

It became their product like two months ago. The A-Series, if you did any sort of research on them, uses the DMPA for management of the phone, that CANNOT be integrated into the EPM. So basically you bought phones that need to be provisioned in a special way. Again, proper research would have shown this.

Really?! The A-Series was starting at like $20/phone for the lowest models with the Black Friday deals and even the higher ends were heavily discounted. So overpriced may be too strong of a word to describe this.

I get it, you bought a phone because it was really, really cheap and now you’re complaining that said cheap phone isn’t doing what you wanted or expected. Sorry, it was pointed out in numerous spots on these A-Series phones.

Sangoma inherited a cheap line of phones that don’t (and won’t) work with integrating into their PBX. I won’t be shocked at all that this Black Friday fire sale was a way to decrease their on hand inventory in steps to dump these phones.

Well thanks for your diatribe which I find so typical on this forum.

You have no idea which model as I didn’t state and these phones do not start at $20. The lowest cost one is $60 and no I didn’t buy that one so you know what they say about assumptions. The phone is priced at $119, which isn’t worth $10 IMO. So overpriced is not a strong description at all, it’s exactly what it is.

The phone is way over priced for what it is. Cisco makes better phones that work well for much less cost then these do. Get snotty all you want, but fact is fact.

I don’t care when they bought the company, not my issue. They own it now, that’s just an excuse and they bought the positives and negatives. Deal with it. It’s now their product and a company needs to support its own product. That is how business works.

I bought it direct and I did read and nowhere does nor did it jump out and state that it doesn’t work with EPM or your Sagoma user account. Since clearly at least 2 people didn’t see it, it really isn’t all that clear. Even on their own page it doesn’t state it anywhere that I see. In point of fact only 2 of the links on product information work. The only disclaimer they have up is that the A series doesn’t work with switchvox. But do go on telling us we didn’t read enough when even on their own site on the model page it isn’t mentioned. You should learn how a business is supposed to advertise products before giving your nonsensical response.

Have a great life being so holier than thou

BOOM, right there. No wonder you aren’t making any sense when it comes to this. You clearly have not read any of the press releases or posts in regards to Sangomas purchase of Digium. Their day-to-day operations do not change. Yes, Sangoma is the parent company but Digium still has some level of autonomy. They still operate as their own entity. Kind of like Vitelity being it’s own entity while being owned by Voyant.

You bought the phones directly off Digium’s website. Digium doesn’t consider what FreePBX’s EPM can or can’t support. Nor did they consider what Issabella, Wazo or other Asterisk based PBX’s could do in regards to management of the phone. They only care about Switchvox, which is the system Digium owns.

So to be clear here, Sangoma has been a partner of Digium before the sale. That means Sangoma sells their phones. When you make a claim “I bought these direct, through the portal during the Black Friday event” followed by claims of disclaimers not existing, prices being 3-4x’s more, etc. etc to a community who is going to log into the Sangoma portal and see the exact opposite of what you are claiming.

I can see the confusion. You went to Digium’s website, used their portal and was reading the documentation from them that was created almost a year ago when the phones were released (before the sale) and only covered the phone vendors side of details. Not what the various PBX, third party device managers can do.

At that pricing it sounds like you bought these phones somewhere else not from Sangoma. Maybe from Digium store. Sangoma has them at 50% off in our portal and in our portal it says they are not supported by FreePBX EPM. Also in the FreePBX EPM Wiki that list all the supported devices the A Series are not listed. No different then if you bought XYZ phone and did not check our wiki first to see if it was supported.

Sangoma makes lots of products across the whole telecom space and FreePBX is just 1 piece of what we do so to think everything from Sangoma is part of FreePBX is very narrow mind thinking. Sangoma is much bigger than just FreePBX and not all of our products work in FreePBX and the Sangoma Portal is for all things Sangoma not just FreePBX. It is not the FreePBX Portal.

As far as Digium goes they are a Sangoma Company. They are not Sangoma but a company under us. Yes we own them. But Digium does not own FreePBX so assuming your buying something from Digium that will work with FreePBX again has you assuming something on your own. If you bought the phones from FreePBX which you can not do as FreePBX is a project not a company than I could understand your point on why would FreePBX sell something they do not support but you did not buy them from FreePBX but from Sangoma or Digium.

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Is it a Sagoma website? Yes, yes it is. It’s name is splashed all over it.

Did I receive an email from Sagoma about it? Yes, yes I did.

What was the subject line of the email? Sangoma Cyber Weekend Specials

What was the email that it came from? [email protected]

Are they partners now or the actual owner? They’re the owner, so used to be’s are irrelevant.

You should really learn how business works. Sagoma bought the company. Sagoma owns the website, Sagoma runs the website and company, Sagoma owns the products. They managed to update the website and splash their name over the whole thing, but clearly didn’t take the time to update their product pages about their own products. This is what a business does and is supposed to do. They now own it all, lock stock and barrel. Therefore they no longer get to use the excuse, Not our product or company because is to both and now their problem.

The website is a retail website. When selling retail it is up to the company to make certain all information is given. Period, The End, All Stop!!! It is not up to the purchaser to start going from one Sagoma website to another to read up on anything nor go seeking out ridiculous “blog postings”. It is on the company to make certain all information is given to the consumer about their own products.

Make all the excuses you like, but you’re getting nowhere. In particular when you just make assumptions based off of nothing and clearly have no clue has to how business works.

Talk to yourself at this point, because I don’t have time for people like yourself who have no clue.