EPM Adding Manufacturer MAC 3 Octets

The Network Scan in EPM is not finding most of my Cisco 7941G and 7965G phones. It is only finding a couple of phones. The way I understand Network Scan finds devices is by using the first 3 octets of the MAC address, which are assigned to the manufacturer, in this case Cisco.

In the OSS EPM I believe I had the ability to add additional those octets but I have not found were to add them with the Commeerical EPM.

And then again, I have been working on this project so many hours maybe the ability is still there but the lack of sleep is blinding me :slight_smile:


We dont officially support the Cisco Enterprise phones. They are listed as un-supported. You can put in a feature request at issues.freepbx.org on the missing Octets but at this time its not something you can set since we only want to be scanning for devices we officially support.

That is interesting but it doesn’t make sense… When I do a Network Scan it shows a Cisco 7941G with a MAC of 002155xxxxxx but not other Cisco 7941G phones with a MAC of 002255xxxxxx.

Please explain, did one just slip in on the configuration?

I believe with OSS endpoint you pull the MACs from provisioner.net. When I had OSS installed I was able to add the manufacturer’s 3 octets.

I will be HAPPY to provide you all the Cisco Octets that I have for the 19 phones I have in my hands.


Great, if you can do that in the feature request, at issues.freepbx.org it can be assigned to the proper developers.

The issue of missing Cisco MACs has been input into issues.freepbx.org.

The following MACs are on phones that I have in my hands, only a couple are recognized by Network Scan.

001AA1,001B2A, 001C58, 001D45, 002155, 002255, 002290, 002304, 00260B, 0026CB