EPM - Account 2 line not dialing

Account 1 line working. Account 2 with same template is not.

Also, not sure how configuring two templates for the same phone affects the phone. How do the two templates play together? There appears to be no prohibition to even use two different templates although that idea doesn’t seem to make sense.

Help! |(>:}


How can we help when toj don’t even twll.ua what brand and model of phone. As far as 2 templates that won’t work. It will take the last one and use that so make sure to use same template. We have no easy way to enforce it since the Mac field is free form we don’t check to see if you have different templates for different accounts.

Aastra (57i,6737i). Ok, that’s good info. Is it clear which one gets loaded first and is it possible that an option to just not have a template for additional lines would work, just depend on the first one?

But how do we know someone has a first one. Maybe they are just using account 2 because they manually configured account 1 in the phone GUI.

As far as which one ita done by DB ID so would be hard for you to know from GUI. Just don’t use different templates.

Hmm, I don’t think that would be an impediment to being able to leave the template blank, it just wouldn’t work but in the typical case, I think it would reduce overhead and administration issues.

No big deal. I think that this issue falls out of using the extension approach as opposed to the device approach for EPM. OSS was more device oriented and that did have some benefits


By the way, my Account 2 line is not functioning like my Account 1 line. Calls come in ok but most dialing produces fast busy. Any ideas where to look for the cause?

News! I discovered via the Aastra 57i phone GUI, that the Proxy Server Port setting for the second Account 2 line was set to 5070. All the lines had port settings going up by 10 even those that had no proxy server configured. This may be something that can be dealt with in EPM, specifically setting the configured ports. I’m curious, need to look at the base file to see what it may be doing. When I reset the port to 5060 via the phone, it so far seems to be working.