EPM & Aastra 6867 can not add more lines

I have an Aastra 6867, I want to add more line appearances for Account 1. When I go into the template and add “Line” to the top soft keys they never show. Would like to know how to accomplish this.

Freepbx 12.0.74
Asterisk 11.15
Phone Firmware

OK, I resolved this issue with a little help from Mitel Support.
Here is how I resolved it for anyone else that may encounter the same issue.

I edited the basefile for Sip Line’s 3 & 4 for the Aastra template I was working with to the following

sip line3 auth name: "line1Ext"
sip line3 password: "line1Pass"
sip line3 user name: "line1Ext"
sip line3 display name: "line1Ext"
sip line3 screen name: "line1Name"
sip line3 proxy ip: "line1Dest"
sip line3 proxy port: "line1ServerPort"
sip line3 registrar ip: "line1Dest"
sip line3 registrar port: "line1ServerPort"
sip line4 auth name: "line1Ext"
sip line4 password: "line1Pass"
sip line4 user name: "line1Ext"
sip line4 display name: "line1Ext"
sip line4 screen name: "line1Name"
sip line4 proxy ip: "line1Dest"
sip line4 proxy port: "line1ServerPort"
sip line4 registrar ip: "line1Dest"
sip line4 registrar port: “line1ServerPort

I then used the “line1Ext” variable for the Display on the phone config.
This procedure could be used for the other Sip Line# sections in the basefile if you need more then 2 additional line appearances.
When assignling the lines in the template use “Account3” “Account4” etc…