Enum trunk dial application misses timeout parameter: Invalid timeout specified

Enum trunk

Did I misconfigure something, or is it a bug?

When dialing out via an enum trunk, the dial command misses the timeout variable:

Executing [[email protected]:21] Dial(“SIP/4445-00000030”, “sip/88********[email protected]7.82,Ttr”) in new stack

This gives the following error:

2013-09-27 10:59:27] WARNING[4302][C-00000025]: app_dial.c:2642 dial_exec_full: Invalid timeout specified: ‘Ttr’. Setting timeout to infinite

I looked up the syntax of the dial application, and the timeout is the argument before the options (Ttr) in this case, so it is taking the Ttr options for the timeout value.

Is this a configuration error on my part?
I tried the override setting for the enum trunk: 300,Tt
However it is not used.

The Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options are set to Tt, and this is also not used. It seems to be using the Asterisk Dial Options
instead. I am told not to use the r option on outbound calls.