Enlarge menu for the extensions

HI Freepbx,

How can we adjust the size of the Extension overview pane on the right side of the screen in Extensions?
When we have more than +/- 30 extensions, we have to scroll this pane to see the rest.
This takes a lot time and handling when adjusting more extensions. You have to scroll each time to search for an extensions.

Many thanx in advance!

I do not think it is possible to resize.

It would be nice to have a way to just type in an extension number and directly edit that extension. I can do a feature request later today for that.

I never never seen a way to re-size this, but if you have a lot of editing to do you might consider exporting the Extensions, making the changes in Excel and then importing them with the Bulk Extension Module.


We did work with csv export>edit>import again. But it was very sensitive for errors en than you mess up all extensions.

I know for sure this is adjustable, as we already adjusted many lengths of panels and windows in freepbx, and also dropdown menu sizes.

Ctrl-f ?

Their is no easy way to do this without editing the CSS and each time you upgrade FreePBX Framework it will blow off your changes.

Thanx for you answer Tony,
Is it an idea to adjust this for all. I think it is not necessary to get a scroll bar in this panel, because the sip options is also a long page.
If I know which css, I can adjust it to try this.
Do you know which css it is?

Many thanx in advance.

Bring up a browser and start digging. Its part of the framework in FreePBX.

Found it, thanx.

Change max-height value from 50 to 500:
.rnav ul {
max-height: 500em;
max-width: 275px;
overflow: auto;

If I want to propose this change to FreePBX, which steps do I have to follow?
Or are there reasons to keep this panel so small?