Endpoints in Ring Group Out of Sync

I wanted to ask this question before I submitted a support ticket. This issue just started randomly happening and I am not sure why.

The main DID routes to a ring group of three Sangoma phones (two s705 and one s505). Until about a couple weeks ago they all would ring simultaneously as expected (ringall option is set in the ring group).

Now they randomly ring at different times. One rings first, then the next, and finally the first extension in the list rings last. It’s almost like the phones are responding slowly to the incoming call. However, I can stand there and call in multiple times in a row, and they will all ring correctly together. There is also no time of day when this would happen, there is no consistency.

Here are some server details:

  • PBXact
  • Asterisk 13.22.0
  • Core Module
  • Ring Groups Module
  • Endpoint firmware version: 1.61 (

Initial research indicated that this can be caused by the core module, but the problem hasn’t resolved after updating it. Everything else is working perfectly, so I do not want to restart the PBX if I don’t have to.

I did test removing one of the extensions, but that didn’t change the behavior. All of the phones in question use PJSIP.

Any thoughts? Thank you for your time and help.

Any STUN server configured? If the STUN is slow to respond it will result in delays (sometimes huge) like you describe.

Hmmm…good call. I was trying to get Zulu to work remotely, and the documentation suggested adding a STUN server (which I did not have before). I currently have the following set: stun.ekiga.net

Should I not have one then? Is there a better one to use?

Removing the STUN and testing will determine if that is what’s adding the delay. I usually use a google public STUN when needed, but don’t know if any are better/worse.

Thank you, I will remove that STUN server entry and then post an update.

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