Endpointman- support for gxp21xx, a few questions

I think TM1000 did a great job on this new endpointman. It takes a little getting used to which isn’t his fault. Applying a little elbow grease helps.

I have the latest tarball for endpointman and it seems to work well for the gxp20xx phones. I am having some problems with the gxp21xx models however.

There isn’t a setting for SIP URI Scheme when using TLS: sip: sips: Is this something I will have to set manually in each of the gxp21xx phones? Or do I modify Product Options/Configuration Editor and save my custom copy?

Also the dial plan should be this { x+ | *x+ | xxx+ } but morphs to this { x | *x | xxx } after loading the cfg file. Is there a way to fix this?

Change the "+"s to %2B
When the config files are encoded they will be converted to +

Thank you. Perfect solution. Now if I can get the phone to stop rebooting it will be great. The only way I have found to stop the gxp21xx phones from continuously rebooting is to delete the config file from tftpboot. Have you solved this one too?

the newest version.

Which new version?