Endpoint stress testing

I have a unique scenario I need to test, and I’m wondering if there might be a good way to do this with FreePBX.

The company I work for manufactures broadcast equipment. One of our product lines is phone systems.

Essentially, our phone system products work as a box of endpoints. Each extension on the system can receive up to 24 calls simultaneously, but most radio stations have them configured for less. (Think of “be caller 10 to win” contests on radio stations.)

Traditionally, we’ve sold our solutions with physical hardware that allowed us to know exactly how many simultaneous calls a system can handle, but we’ve recently virtualized our offering, and how many simultaneous calls the system can handle is a bit of a moving target based on a variety of factors. (CPU count, memory, etc.)

What I ideally need to do is configure FreePBX to call extensions registered to it repeatedly, play a recording, then hang up and do it again. (Our phone system product can be configured to auto answer each extension.) I would need this to occur across 5 or 6 extensions, increasing or decreasing the number of simultaneous calls between each test.

We also make an audio logging product that I can use to check the quality of the recordings passed through the system.

Any ideas?


Call files:
Asterisk Call Files - Asterisk Documentation
Make a bunch of call files and drop them in at a rate you desire.

SIPp for Stress Testing:
Welcome to SIPp reference documentation! — SIPp 3.6 documentation

My feeling is that, if Asterisk is used, it should be used without the FreePBX GUI, for this application.

I have always used

Be careful who you point it at :wink:

Also note that sip traffic alone (call control) is not an accurate measurement. Real calls will have rtp streams too.