Endpoint not registering correctly

I am posting this because this issue drove me nuts for days and I finally solved it. Hopefully this post will help someone else…

I have a couple hundred pjsip extensions. There were no obvious issues with the phone config nor the extensions, but I kept none of the extensions could complete a call, even from extension to extension.

I disconnected all phones but one and ran wireshark on the ip of the phone: “tshark host 192.168.1.x”

I was repeatedly getting 401 Unauthorized replies to all of my attempted REGISTER requests.

Ran debug on asterisk:
CLI> core set verbose 5
CLI> core set debug 5
CLI> module reload logger

My phones were trying to register two test extensions that I set up, 11 and 12. I saw in the matrix running across my screen that it was referencing a different extension, call it 99. I saw references to “99-identify” - clearly WRONG!

Some to find out, asterisk tries to identify an endpoint in an order that causes it to miscategorize my phones extensions.

Solution was to enter the following line in my pjsip_custom_post.conf file and restarting

The default identify order is apparently not what I was expecting.
CLI> pjsip show identifiers
Identifier Names:
name not specified

Im sure some of the others may be able to add some suggestions to this, but I hope this helps someone.

The auth_username looks for the auth user which isnt present on the initial REGISTER or INVITE it is only there in the response to the 401 challenge.

Would it be better to do something like:


I did see the warning in the asterisk documentation re making auth_user primary - it works, after the initial 401, but I’m always open to improvements. The default was just making a mess of things.

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