Endpoint Manger does not work with Yealink T21P-E2

Endpoint Manger does not work with Yealink T21P-E2, Endpoint fails to create a file within the tftp boot. For now I am selecting another model (t23G) for this extension.


The same problem here.Have you resolved it?

Has anyone opened a bug report at issues.freepbx.org on this?

We do have T21P-E2’s Working Properly. If memory serves, the fix was to have Legacy Style in the Config Style selected inside the template.

The T21P-E2 is a new phone so you would not use legacy. You would need to use V70 style.

The Language within the Endpoint Manager now seems to be changed, the choices are Current Style or Legacy Style.
What you say about V70 sounds correct, basically janislielkikuts try changing the configuration styles.

Thanks.It worked with Current style settings.
Stupid from my side to not to try it.