Endpoint Manager

I have upgraded from OSS to the commercial endpoint manager, when i rebooted our system i lost all our ploycom phones that are now stuck in a booting cycle and left only one working cisco phone.

After looking at the endpoint manager, there are no firmware files for polycom and our phones which are IP500 are not listed.

Any help would be great as we cant work with only one phone.


The commercial version overwrites your old configs.

The Polycom IP500 is not supported in the commercial version. I had a site with some of them. I just configured them manually.


I tried that with no luck, i would have though it would have been available due to it was in OSS

The phone is just stuck in a cycle and can not contact boot server.

If you manually build the configs for the phones and put them in the TFTP directory the phone will find them.

BTW. The IP500 are well past end of sale and well past end of life so Polycom does not support them or provide firmware for them.

Found that out now, will just have to stick with one phone until i can find out information on converting some cisco phones we have to SIP or go back to OSS for a while.

BTW getting Error application not present, so might get the last firmware for the IP500 and flash them and try them manually.

That’s the “Problem” with Polycom desk phones - they are like the energizer bunny - they just keep going beyond the point where Polycom will support them. Here is the firmware files for that phone:


Expand the download to /tftpboot and be careful about what it overwrites - if you already have duplicate files such as sip.cfg, just rename the new file sip_213.cfg and then make sure the macreg.cfg files points to the right file.

We have about 10 of these still in service and they work fine with the right files.


Phones already had last firmware (boot 3.2.3) , created and added files to tftpboot but phones still wont register can seam to get the correct sip files.

looked in to the mac.cfg and if I change APP_FILE_PATH=“sip_212.ld” to sip_213.cfg the phone acknowledges the change say this version is not supported by the phone, but if i leave it as sip_212.id the phone doesnt even try to connect.

Whichever way you go, you need to match the sip.ld version to the sip.cfg version or it’s wonky - so if 212 works, go with 212 on everything so

CONFIG_FILES=“MAC_reg.cfg, server_212.cfg, phone1_212.cfg, sip_212.cfg”


CONFIG_FILES=“MAC_reg.cfg, server_213.cfg, phone1_213.cfg, sip_213.cfg”

And then of course make sure these files actually exist and have the proper information in them.