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Endpoint Manager v.

When working with Yealink template:

The newly added “account.1.srtp_encryption = mediaEncryption1” in the template seems to ignore the SRTP configuration from the extension.

The extension is set to “Media Encryption: SRTP via in-SDP (recommended)” but the resulting line added in the template is “account.1.srtp_encryption = 0” instead of “account.1.srtp_encryption = 2”

Phones with TLS are not connecting
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Hi, @chrischevy Are you using chan_sip or pjsip?

just FYI - the Pjsip extension looks working fine whereas we have a known issue in chan_sip to fix.


I’m using PJSIP

One details: the transport is set to UDP and not TLS (I know it’s not logical but for now, I’m having a hardtime getting the Yealink phones to work in TLS, but I’m working on it). Could this influence the SRTP in the template ? These are two different settings but I’m wondering if there is a check in the background, something like “If Transport = UDP, then Encryption = none”

Phones with TLS are not connecting
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