Endpoint Manager - Yealink Enhanced DSS Keys

(Dreniarb) #1

I have need for pushing out some enhanced DSS keys to our phones. In the web gui of the phone you put these in the “custom” button type. Endpoint Manager doesn’t have a type called “custom”.

Is there anyway to accomplish this? I would do them manually via the phone’s web gui but Endpoint Manager will eventually wipe out any DSS key not configured inside Endpoint Manager itself.

(Dave Burgess) #2

By making changes to the phone model base file should get you started. Having said that though, I don’t use Yearling or EPM so other than “yeah, it should work” I’m not much help today.

(Jared Busch) #3

Custom is type 73. Go edit the base file.

(Jared Busch) #4

What is your use case? Honestly curious. I’ve never been presented with a scenario from a customer that needed to go this far with a DSS key.

I toyed with them a few years ago to make sure I knew how they worked. But that was it.

(Dreniarb) #5

It’s basically to save users from having to enter a bunch of numbers. Our gates have an intercom that dials a virtual extension which in turn is forwarded to a ring group. When the people at that ring group go to lunch they forward the virtual extension to another ring group. When they come back from lunch they forward the virtual extension to the original ring group.

Yes, we could just put everyone in a ring group and people could ignore the call unless it rings X number of times. Yes, we could even have the first ring group fail over to the next ring group after a few rings. But this is not what my users want.

So that said, to forward the virtual extension they dial *93, wait for the prompt, enter the virtual extension then #, then enter the new ring group then #. Not hard, but if i can do it all in one button that’s even better.

(Dreniarb) #6

Thanks to both of you for the suggestion on editing the base file. I will dig into this and report back.

(Jared Busch) #7

Assuming that you put this on the same linekey for every phone, you can get away with only editing one basefile.

(Dreniarb) #8

I’ve not had a chance to really look into this yet. But based on what you just said editing the basefile isn’t going to give me a “custom” drop down in endpoint manager itself. Instead this is directly configuring a line key. Am I correct on that?

(Jared Busch) #9

Yes. You can ignore the drop down. Just chose BLF in the GUI. That way the other boxes are activated for you to paste in the text you want in the GUI.

But the type will be custom when it generates the config file.

Also, you will have to set the main enhanced dss enable setting in the base file.

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