Endpoint Manager - Yealink .cfg file with empty account.1.sip_server_host =

I had an old installation that I did a backup and restore to a new installation. I have setup the VPN option and using Endpoint Manager to provision a pair of Yealink T-58A…

They both provision, download their .cfg files, connect to the VPN, but only one of them connects to the server IP via VPN with an account… the other does not, in fact the account.1.sip_server_host = is blank. If I manually make the entry on the phone, it works perfectly.

I directly download the .cfg files from https, compared them and sure enough, the one has a blank server host… everything else is there. If I manually delete the file, then rebuild the configs in Extensions Mapping… the file is create, can be downloaded… but the account.1.sip_server_host = is still blank.

They are the exact same phones using the exact same EPM yealink template.

I have done through and compared the extensions, they appear to be exactly the same. The only difference I see is under “User management”, “VPN”, the option “Define Additional VPN Clients” has an entry in it “200” (which is the extention). If I remove it and save, it pops back in… I do not think this is related to the issue, since it appears that VPN is connecting…

Any suggestions?

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