Endpoint Manager won't create config file for remote Yealink T26P

I’ve got a site with an odd problem, I am trying to use the commercial EPM to provision a Yealink T26P as a remote phone, via VPN…

Anyways, so the issue is this, I can add the phone NO PROBLEM if I use the internal template, but if I try to move it to the external template, and assign a VPN client file to it, EPM does NOTHING… won’t even create the .cfg file for the phone, let alone the mac-vpn.tar file… I just did another test to make sure it wasn’t something specific to the VPN being added, so I went and removed the VPN profile from the template, still no dice, EPM flat out REFUSES to create a profile for a Yealink T26P if it’s an external profile. What am I missing here?

Added note - EPM doesn’t throw an error or anything, it happily accepts the save and rebuild command, but when you check the tftpboot directory, no files were created for the aforementioned external profile.