EndPoint Manager with Digium Phones

I have installed a new FreePBX system version 5.211.65-12 with Asterisk 11. I setup the Digium phones module and added one D40. I purchased the Endpoint manager to have better control on all my phones and went to install a New D70. When the phone boots up it still sees the Digium Configuration server. If selected is gives me a Sip proxy timeout and does not show a list of extensions.

Has anyone run into this problem and have a solution or a conf I need to look at? I have tried uninstalling the Digium Modules but I get the same result. I have also created the templates in Endpoint manager and in my tftpboot folder the CFGs are being created. I know Digium only uses FTP or HTTP but I have FTP pointing to that folder.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.