EndPoint Manager - Warm Spare secondary accounts

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I am setting up a warm spare server and want each aastra desk phone to have two accounts 1 for each server so they will always have an active line should the primary server go down.

I provision all my phones using “EndPoint Manager” and have tried setting up 2 templates with destination addresses for each server, but when the phone get the config both accounts have the same IP address

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Why don’t you setup the warm spare as the secondary SIP Server? Unless Aastra phones do not support a secondary SIP Server?


Aastra’s do so support a second Server. but why not use DNS SRV records for all your services if you deploy Aastras Polycoms, Yealinks, Grandstreams et al . . . ? (they all support it :wink: , as does Asterisk)

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The phones do support Secondary SIP server, as all the phones provisioned by End Point Manager I can’t see that there is anywhere to set this

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In EPM basefile. Sorry, I don’t have any aastra phones, so I don’t know which key you have to edit.

edit - Chris explained how to: EndPoint Manager Backup Proxy Server and Backup Registrar Server

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